Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of the Year 2012-13

The year is coming to a close. We only have a week and a half left. The year has gone very well. In fact, I think it might be the best year we've had so far. Our mornings have been more consistent; Bible, Latin and Health have happened every morning. Score! Because Math has happened very consistently, their learning curve is tremendous. Our afternoons have been free for the most part, allowing for more play time with friends.
High School English Co-op

We were involved in 2 co-ops this year, plus the Olders had another class. The Olders had one of the co-ops on Monday for the purpose of English Grammar and Literature. The Youngers had one co-op on Fridays for the purpose of History, Science, Geography, Current Events and Missions. The extra class was Anatomy.

These two co-ops took up most of our Mondays and Fridays. We still had time for Bible, Latin, Health and Math. (usually!) On Mondays we also had piano and ballet. Mondays have been hectic.

Overall, this year has been a success. I am pleased. We met most of the goals we set for the year. The Olders are better prepared for college. They have read a LOT more this year than last and were completely able to keep up and dialogue. The Youngers are ready for the next year. I feel like their critical thinking skills are more developed. Their ability to follow a syllabus is better defined. Their time management skills are improving.

I can see where I pushed too hard (Latin grammar) and where I didn't push hard enough (writing time, as usual). I have lots of ideas for next year and have already made an outline. History of Art is on the table thanks to a wonderful friend who wants to invest her time and energy in my kids. Yay! Math is purchased already. Science curriculum is bought as well. Trying to decide about the English Co-op.

Beginning of the year goals are crucial! End of the year evaluation is equally as important!

Sit down with your younger kids and together, lay out all the work they've done this year. Watch their confidence swell when they realize what they've accomplished. Sit down with your older kids and discuss your beginning of the year goals. Ask for their input for next year.

Homeschooling when done consistently and enthusiastically will teach your kids far more than simple reading, writing and arithmetic. It teaches them how to function in society. It teaches them to first work hard and then get their reward. It teaches them to push through when they want to give up. So many great lessons!

I'm looking forward to a few weeks OFF! No researching or scheduled planning days. I'm sure I'll be thinking and letting ideas form though.

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