Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reading List 2012-13

I just realized after reviewing the blog that I never listed the Reading List from this year.

Animal Farm
Fahrenheit 451
Lord of the Flies
The Hobbit
The Old Man and the Sea
Daughter of Mercy
Heart of Darkness
The Hiding Place
The Great Gatsby

The hubs said I should tell you about the transition and teaching that took place between The Hiding Place and The Great Gatsby. We read those books, in that order, on purpose. We read The Hiding Place with an eye to Corrie ten Boom's definition of suffering, love and hope. We discussed the depth and hopefulness of the book. Then we moved on to The Great Gatsby.

The kids in my class immediately commented on the hopelessness and shallowness of the book. The setting of TGG is the Roaring Twenties, between the Great War and the Great Depression and in the middle of Prohibition. This was a time of massive wealth and prosperity. No one in the book is starving or ripped away from their families, and yet, it is a very hopeless book. THP is a book set during World War 2 and involves death and starvation and concentration camps. Yet, it is full of hope and love.

Our co-op class to the time to dissect and contrast. We discussed values and eternity. We read scripture and talked of possible applications in the future. We openly confronted our fears of suffering and were reminded of God's faithfulness. What a great topic!

Overall, the lit class was one of the highlights of my year. I've received emails and even a gift from the kids involved. They can see the value of dissecting worldviews now. God is good!

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