Saturday, October 27, 2012


A quick word about vacations.

Never let it be said in your home that we take a vacation from learning. Every day is a chance to learn something. Tests are not the point, neither are grades. It glorifies God for us to learn. Vacations are breaks from responsibilities, but not learning.

We leave tomorrow, on the one year anniversary of our trip to the UK, to go to Miami to stay with my first cousin. We will swim, relax, read books, watch movies, but we will also swim over a coral reef in the Keys and take a fan boat ride in the Everglades. Think that's learning? Yep.

Everyday is an opportunity to grow and learn. Sometimes that looks very structured. Sometimes it looks just plain fun! Enjoy it and show your kids how to enjoy it as well. To quote an overplayed song, "Never lose your sense of wonder!"

And then, when it's all over, count it as school! For realz, yo.